About us


In 2013 Gill and Ian developed CareKind. They combined Gill's 30 years’ experience in Health and Social Care and Ian's qualifications and experience in Business and Human Resource Management. The Mission is to provide an exceptional support service to local and rural communities that makes a real positive difference.


Gill and Ian strongly believe that combining a good understanding of the needs of an individual and their support network, with a proactive approach to their wellbeing, they can create a service that will deliver effective, long term solutions.


Ian and Gill understand the importance of valuing, respecting and supporting their team with the training, support and development opportunities they need to develop their skills.


Their mission is to always deliver an outstanding level of care and lifestyle assistance to clients and families/support networks. Gill and Ian place a strong emphasis on supporting and co-operating with other medical professionals such as district nurses, physiotherapists or any other such level of intervention a client may be receiving services from.

CareKind believe that the more they work together, the better the outcomes for all.


CQC Report


CareKind was audited by the Care Quality Commission in June 2016, you can find the full report on http://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-985187505 which shows our rating was good on all points and feedback was very positive.



Mansion House, 21 Doddington, Whitchurch, SY13 1EA

Telephone: 01948 258050

Email: info@carekind.co.uk